This guide to makeup is intended for anyone in their twenties or older who has never worn makeup before. I based this off everything I’ve learned since I began wearing makeup for the first time at 27. At this blog, you’ll find:

My product recommendations focus mostly on drugstore items, as I believe it’s best to start off with mostly drugstore makeup (much of which is very good) so that you can learn your likes and dislikes in terms of colors and formulas without a huge investment up front. I do think it’s worth it to spend more on foundation and concealer, especially to find a good match, so those recommendations include more mid-to-high-end products.

While the amount of information below may seem overwhelming, don’t feel like you have to rush out and get all of the different products listed here! If you’ve never worn makeup, try out new things one by one, depending on which features you want to focus on. Keep in mind throughout that you don’t need to follow every makeup “rule” you read, and there are no “have to”s in makeup. For instance, you don’t “have to” wear foundation – if you feel you don’t need it, great! You also don’t “have to” only wear bright lipstick in the spring, or wear only warm colors if you have warm undertones. The guidelines I’ve listed here are just that – guidelines.