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Eyeshadow Recommendations for Brown Eyes

Because brown is a neutral color, many eyeshadow shades will work with brown eyes.  Bright, cool colors will contrast most strongly with brown, but plenty of warm colors, especially with some depth or shimmer, also work. Here’s a list of shades for brown eyes, broken down by undertone:

  • Warm: gold, copper, bronze, champagne, plummy purple, olive green
  • Cool: forest green, navy, cobalt, teal, silver, violet/cool purple

Of course, this list isn’t meant to be absolutely prescriptive or to box you in – it’s just a starting point. Every single one of these colors may not work for you; consider your skin undertone and how bright or muted your coloring is. For instance, bright teal may not look right on someone with muted coloring, and olive green may look muddy on someone with bright coloring. See here for more on this.

And there are many ways to incorporate these eyeshadow colors into your looks. You don’t need to put a green shadow all over your lid; you can use it on just part of the lid and blend it into more neutral colors, as in the image above. See here and here for some ideas on putting together eyeshadow looks. I’ve also put some example images in this post.

Below I’ve listed specific eyeshadow options, with different finishes and from different price points, for each color group. I’ve noted the finish and how light/dark each color is in parentheses. One quick note – if you have darker skin, the shades labeled as light to light-medium may look ashy on you.

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